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onsdag 27. april 2011

La Vie en Rose - Pruning

This is the first year ever that I have pruned my roses in April! After the second in row of terrible cold winter with lots of snow, we have had an April month with temperatures that are records. During Easter we had 16-20 degrees, and plants and trees are out much earlier than usual. What a blessing! The photo today shows my grandparents' coffee pot with soft delicate roses from Norwegian Porsgrund Porselen, and the mini rose is a gift my husband received a few weeks ago, the white flower is the leucojum I purchased right before Easter. The Garden Roses have managed the cold winter fairly well - the snow is a protecting duvet.

Jeg hadde så lyst til å bruke noe fra mormors Porsgrund-servise sammen med minirosen og klosterklokken. Er det noen som kjenner igjen serviset? Hagerosene er altså ferdig beskåret i april og det er absolutt rekord her i Romerikshaven!

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