A Romantic Garden - vivacious and abundant is my dream. My Garden is situated in Norway, close to Oslo.

torsdag 14. april 2011

the last spots of Snow

in our garden and the lamium maculatum I got from Froya last year is just as fresh as new! They are beginning to look a carpet. As you can see this species has got a white line in the centre on rather green leaves. Often I have seen them with silvery green leaves with a darker brim on them. Or what do you think? Perhaps the right species.

Today is a clear cold morning here, below zero. I think the temperature will rise to approx. 12 degrees.
Lamium'en som jeg fikk av hemmelig hagevenn Frøya-Heidi i fjor trives! :)

1 kommentar:

  1. Det er godt og se det er liv under snøen ,det blir helt klart vår i år også.
    Ha en fin dag Marit.


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